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Alliance Rules

Post by STRYC9 on Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:01 pm

Welcome to the Frost Alliance Rules Board!
Last Updated: 04/02/2016

  • BE RESPECTFUL, this does not only apply to your clan mates, but to others as well. Don't make us look bad, we are striving to be one of the top alliances and we don't need anyone in World Chat "yo momma'ing" or causing unnecessary problems. First offense will be a written warning, second offenses apply to a tally which after a certain amount exits your from Frost.

    - CONSTRUCTION, at least add 1000 points a day, if you can't spend diamonds on this it is understandable, there are more important things to use diamonds on anyhow honestly.
    - TEAM RALLIES and ALLIANCE TECH, please use all cooldowns every day.
    - FRIEND EVERYONE in this group and share stamina with all every day via in-game Friends Tab. There is a limit to how much stamina you can accept, however it is still beneficial to send stamina to everyone every day, because some are in different time zones and won't be on when others send. So send away, its FREE!
    - MONSTER RALLIES are optional but definitely recommend as it helps everyone including yourself. First TWO rallies of the day give out 10x rewards, so try to get into the strongest ones you can.
    - LEVEL UP, be strong, and progress your heroes to keep up with our alliance. Your personal progress makes us stronger so it is equally important as our alliance progress. We aren't asking much, just 1-2 levels every day or so, but there is no required number essentially and leveling will slow down as we get higher level and exp gets more and more. Just keep up as best you can.
    - If you do not participate, you will get a written warning and 3 days to participate significantly more or you will be exited. If it becomes a reoccurring problem with a player, it will begin adding tallies which add up to an exit.

  • DO NOT ATTACK Alliances we are on good terms with. You can check who we are at war with and allied with in this Groups Description as well as our Guild Message. Attacking Allies will result in instant exit, no warning. This ONLY applies on World Map.  A list of our allies can always be found here.

  • READ ALLIANCE MAIL, and do what they say if they have instructions. We do not send them out for nothing. Not following instructions will result in warning then exit if still not followed after 3 days.

  • HAVE FUN  Razz  we are a progressive-oriented alliance, but we want everyone to be happy and have fun as well. First offense for not having fun is  lol!

  • If you are having TROUBLE with anything or have any QUESTIONS, please message Leader or an Elder and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

  • VACATION, while it's acceptable if you have real life events and you can't be in game for a period of time, LET US KNOW BEFORE so we don't kick you for being offline. 3 days is limit for being offline WITHOUT letting us know ahead of time, you will be exited.

  • ARENA, all bets are off... While it is somewhat frowned upon taking rank for alliance members, due to a unanimous decision by Snow and us Elders, attacking in clan is acceptable. Just don't start fighting about it and cause problems, because honestly it could have been anyone that dropped your rank.

  • (Placeholder for future rules)

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