Introductions Thread (Please post introductions here)

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Introductions Thread (Please post introductions here)

Post by STRYC9 on Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:02 pm

Hey everyone!  Names STRYC9, though I also go by Guts (the Berserk) in some games, and have a couple other less common aliases which I use from time to time. I am 28 as of this post, soon to be 29 this month and a gamer for life.  I currently reside in the USA, Southwest Florida to be exact.  Career wise I am a "productive member of society" and have a real job, as well as a business run by me and my partner as artisan jewelers, so I have time constraints for better or worse.  I work at a machine shop doing odds and ends whatever needs to be done from fixing the roof to programming a CNC machine to speaking with clients (even for government contracts.)  My family is Italian, though I don't speak much.  If anything I speak Spanish better than Italian, even though they are quite similar I use Spanish more often.  

Aside from that I grow lots of awesome, tropical plants from around the world, mostly food and spices, and am always learning and adding to my personal encyclopedia which one day perhaps I will decide publish.  I am enrolled in school, self-study online learning Permaculture at the moment, also learning programming and brushing up on advanced math and physics. I like hiking, kayaking, seeing new places and trying new things and meeting interesting people. I am an adventurer at heart, I have a bad case of wanderlust and possess a ravenous curiosity and desire for knowledge. However, when I'm not exploring and enjoying recreation, my nose is in the books studying and learning, though I do read novels as well when I have time. I very much like Anime, as well as some good TV series, but I don't watch TV, I only stream older stuff as it comes out.

Anyways, needless to say I've been around a while and feel lucky to have seen games evolve over time into what they are today.  I have been a gamer for a long time, from Roleplaying Dungeons & Dragons to Super Nintendo and Genesis to Fallout and SMITE to Phone games like Magic Rush as of recently. I am typically a PC gamer, I only own older consoles and emulate most of them on top of that.  I play a lot of different genres but I prefer some sort of strategy element in a solo or team environment, however I do enjoy my retro games from time to time.  Also, excited to soon be steaming on Twitch!  I look forward to seeing you all in whatever we play together!  Happy gaming and welcome to the Frost Clan! cheers

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Re: Introductions Thread (Please post introductions here)

Post by The_Sinz on Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:07 pm

Hey guys, im The_Sinz, long time gamer too. Haven't really got too much time these days though due to life, but i still manage to squeezy in a few hours in here and there Wink i use to play guild wars, diablo 2 and 3, counter strike and embarrassingly runescape and LOL, but i switched to mobile gaming pretty early with kingdoms at war, im now playing magic rush.


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